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About Wealthchain

We're Wealthchain, Inc. 

1. We believe that smart-contracts are the future of finance. Financial instruments built as smart-contracts with formal-verification capabilities are the most secure and mathematically precise financial instruments ever created. 

2. We believe that the Tezos blockchain lends itself to financial instrument smart-contracts better than any other blockchain. 

What we do is we create financial instruments for Tezos (fungible and non-fungible alike), as well financial technologies to enable the flow of finance industry towards Tezos-based assets. We invite you to join us on this journey.

— Wealthchain, Inc.
Based in California, USA


Building proper financial instruments on Tezos is a process. We are beginning with the basic staple crops of the Tezos financial ecosystem.

USDtez — Tezos Stablecoin

USDtez (Symbol: USDtz) is a FIAT-backed stablecoin, pegged to the United States Dollar, and built as a Tezos-token standard. USDtz is the fastest and most economical swap for Tezos and Tezos-tokens, by being fully on-chain, and offering formally verified price-oracle computations. USDtez is domiciled in Switzerland under the fosterage of the USDtez Foundation.

USDtez Website


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